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The Original Pie Shop has been making fried pies for over a 100 years. We pride ourselves in bringing you a tasty homemade treat from the heart of Oklahoma's Arbuckle Mountains.


Whether you are in the mood for big tangy chunks of fruit or savory meat pies, all our fried pies come with a delicate flaky crust and fillings made from scratch. read more

Fried Pie Review
  • 25 Fried Foods You Have To Try Before You Die BuzzFeed Foods
  • National Pie Day 1/23/2013 Dallas Observer mentioned Brisket Pie.
  • Fried Pies will be served at State Fair of Texas 9/28/12 - 10/21/12. See Dallas Morning News article announcing.
  • Dallas Observer First Look at Baker's Ribs Deep Ellum new location with the Original Fried Pie Shop...."The Original Fried Pie Shop stands alone, with its own counter and register. One could order fried pies and never have to deal with the barbecue line. Or one could easily dabble in both. If we were one, that's what one would do." See entire blog
  • Go Magazine highlights Eureka, MO shop. See article.
  • Fried Pies were a big hit at the Texas Monthly 2011 BBQ Festival. See more.
  • D Magazine loved the brisket pies at Taste of Greenville event.
  • East Texas loves their fried pies! See #24 in 50 Things We Love About EAST TEXAS
  • Eureka is excited for those pies. See Articles in Current Eureka-Pacific News Magazine (page 17) and Eureka-Wildwood Patch
  • We introdued fried pies at the Big Apple BBQ event this year and SUCCESS! "...Although meat reigned supreme, this year sweets scored a bigger spotlight. For the first time ever, Big Apple BBQ attendees got their fill of the vaunted fried pies from the Original Fried Pie Shop, who came up with Baker's Ribs from Dallas. They had one of the longest lines of the day, selling nearly 1,800 pies and dipping into Sunday's share before the fest wrapped up on Saturday afternoon. " See full review.
  • Bill Clinton stopped into our Hope location, ordered 2 dozen fried pies and said "All of it is Great!". See Receipt.
  • Arkansas Online February 2011 - "...cherry and apricot fruit pies, and both were amazing. The chocolate pie filling was reminiscent of pies you find at church potlucks, minus meringue, and the pecan was out-of-this-world delicious."
  • Like us? Tell Yelp about it! - Buffalo, TX location received this comment "...These fried pies were very good. The crust was flaky and the ingredients were very flavorful. Stop and try this place... You will not be disappointed... "
  • Parker County Maverick Magazine• Baker’s Ribs has partnered with The Original Fried Pie Shop to serve up outstanding homemade pies in fruit flavors, cream pies, meat pies and even breakfast pies. This is an eating experience you won’t soon forget. •Published May 2010• Read Full Article on page 64
  • County Line Magazine January 2010 issue
  • announces debut of Original Fried Pie Shop in Weatherford TX
  • Oklahoma City Restaurants
  • Video Podcast interview of Nancy and her fried Pies

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